When you step out side and look at your yard thinking “where do i start” it might seem way to hard to get your dream garden

With Bloomin Deserts we make the process simple, we can do EVERYTHING from the initial concept and design to the completed garden, So really all YOU need to do is CALL US and we handle the rest.

Initially we will come for a site visit and discuss what we can do for you and what your options are:

from that point the next step is a design (yours or ours), if we are designing we discuss your needs and uses for the garden, possible future use, your reasons for completing works and what your budget is


Your garden will come together, although it usually looks worse before it looks better.

We bring in the machines to remove the old garden and bring in the new soils and materials

Most of landscaping is underground, things like popup sprinklers and services so you usually only notice a big change near the end of the build when the planting and mulching and turfing happens.

The Voila, your amazing new garden ready to enjoy

The final thing we do is let you know how to use the irrigation controller and lighting controls, let you know the best maintenance practices to look after your investment and if you need quote for your maintenance.

We love to see gardens we complete have long lives, we see them as our offspring. So we cant help but drive by and check up on our babies once in a while



once a design is approved and we then we can quote the design for you.

The budget varies based on type and size of garden and also on the amount and type of surfaces and features like paving of features like pools, water features and outdoor kitchens.

Once the quotation is approved we set up a start date for works and work out how the job will progress, we send through an initial invoice of half payment.

Then were ready to start